Operations Improvement Program

With the help of our 4-part program, we'll improve and streamline your business operations, streamline your systems, and help you and your team work smarter, not harder!

Part 1

Meet to Dissect Current Issue(s) and Gather Info


We’ll start with an in-person or Zoom meeting to discuss your business origin story, how you have grown, and what pain points and bottlenecks you are facing at this stage in your business.

I love nothing more than getting an honest, genuine read on where you are at and what headaches you’re experiencing in your day-to-day operations. I provide positive, uplifting support in this initial meeting to show you that hope and solutions are out there, and together we can find and implement them in a timely and effective manner.

Part 2

Choose Streamlined Solutions


Many business owners who come to me already have a few programs in mind that they have been considering and need an extra, organized and non-biased eye to help decide the pros and cons of each.

Some business owners have no idea what solutions are out there and prefer having help researching and deciding the best platform for their purposes.

Part 3

System Implementation & Support


Once we have chosen the new system(s) to support your business, we’ll work together to first consider your business processes, then make sure we set up the new programs to match the exact needs of your business. I get into the program(s) as well and guide you every step of the way.

Part 4

Deliverable Process & Procedures Document to Support CEO and Team with the Chosen Systems and Process Improvements


In parallel to our work in Parts 1-3, we have been deciding and documenting your Policies and Procedures all along the way. The result is that you have your new software implementation set up, and the decisions have been made about how you and your team will best use your platforms to support your business. By focusing on “processes before platforms,” you know that you’re not just adding another software to your tech stack but are walking away with a solid and realistic action plan.