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Embedding a YouTube video on your website? Use this trick to keep your clients on YOUR content!

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If you like the idea of embedding YouTube videos right on your website so you can use it as a free video host, you may have realized that at the end, it shows OTHER PEOPLE’S content! Even on your website! The last thing we want to do is send a potential client to a competitor, or another video where they forget they were about to buy from us.

Here’s how to change the settings:

1. Go to share the YouTube video
2. Instead of grabbing the link, grab the html embed code
3. Right after the YouTube link that looks like this “” add the text


Now it will look like

Instead of using the simple link YouTube block on your webpage, add an html block instead and drop in the code.

Here’s what it will look like – skip to the end to see just MY tiles!

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